Motivation and the use of incentives are important to positive youth development. 4-H Youth Development programs provide opportunities for creativity in a learn-by-doing environment and encourage youth to become involved in projects and activities. The 4-H Achievement Program is intended to recognize 4-H participants who have outstanding accomplishments and to provide an incentive for youth to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Every effort is made to make this 4-H program inclusive to all eligible youth.

 Purpose of 4-H Achievement Design:

  • A comprehensive program spanning the entire career of the 4-H’er.
  • Awards points for outside efforts and interests.
  • Encourages growth and development by awarding high points at multi-county, state, and national levels.
  • Does not require a previous level of achievement to apply for a higher level as long as the 4-H’er meets the minimum point requirements.
  • 4-H’ers can choose to compete for awards and prizes (ie Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Emerald) – OR simply achieve levels and be recognized in their counties.
  • Youth who have obtained a “Bronze”, “Silver”, or “Gold” – retain their title.
  • Previous work completed by the 4-H’er (from past years) may be included in the Achievement Program.

Kentucky 4-H Achievement Application